European and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries face common energy challenges that require the diversification and securing of energy supplies, adequate transportation, and the development and modernisation of institutional frameworks, support tools, energy infrastructures and industrial capacities.

The Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP) is a flagship initiative of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) jointly developed by the Member States and the main stakeholders in the region. The role of the MSP is to serve as a common strategic policy framework identifying and creating adequate politico-institutional, socio-economic, and infrastructural conditions for a rapid, cost-effective, and lasting roll-out of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Mediterranean region. One of the main priorities of the MSP is the creation of green jobs and the necessary tools for the identification, labelling and promotion of specific pilot projects.

Projects & Initiatives

The Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP): Mission

The Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP) was launched at the Paris Summit of July 2008 as one of the priority projects of the Union for the Mediterranea...


  • Teresa Ribeiro
  • Sudqi Omoush
  • Olgu Okumus
  • Cristina Moral