The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean aims to enhance regional cooperation and partnership between the two shores of the Mediterranean through the implementation of specific projects:

  • SPECIFIC PROJECTS: The Secretariat aims to deliver specific projects that respond to the current needs and aspirations of the Mediterranean populations, and contribute to sustainable development, job creation, exchange of knowledge and innovation.
  •  REGIONAL COOPERATION: Many of the economic and social challenges of the Mediterranean region are directly linked to a very low level of regional integration. In this context, the action of the Secretariat is centred on the promotion of regional cooperation projects designed to strengthen integration in the region and thus, opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

A pragmatic approach based on two principles:

  •  VARIABLE GEOMETRY:  A flexible and pragmatic approach allows every country member to take part in the projects of interest to them. The projects promoted by the Secretariat are initially implemented in a minimum of two UfM countries.
  •  CO-OWNERSHIP: The governance of the UfM is based on equitable functioning and shared responsibility. A co-presidency shared between the North and South ensures that countries from both shores are placed on equal footing.

 The work of the UfM Secretariat is carried out in close collaboration with a network of partners and institutions in the field of Mediterranean affairs, the EU, government officials of the 43 countries, International Financial Institutions (IFIs), the private sector and the civil society.