Priority Areas

The six priority areas fall within three main thematic strategies which allow the UfM to address in a crosscutting way the main concerns facing the region today and provide lasting developmental solutions intended to touch thousands of lives directly and provide tangible results on the ground.

Women’s Socio-Economic empowerment

I am currently a young entrepreneur in my country. I’ve just set up my own company, with the aim of building a private school to provide pre-school, primary, junior and secondary education in a rural area of Morocco.
Soukeina El Bouj – Beneficiary of the Young Women as Job Creators project

Youth employability and inclusive growth

The programme made my life much easier as a student and as a young graduate facing the labour market. It has been very easy for me to integrate into the company and finally get recruited.
Sara El Khal – Beneficiary of the HOMERe:High Opportunity for Mediterranean Executive Recruitment project

Sustainable Development

We are all aware of the environmental challenges. We would love to leave healthy water for our children, but for that both sides of the Mediterranean must work together, and today we are here for that.
Annabi Yassine – President Association de développement régional de Bizerte – Integrated Programme for Protection of the Lake Bizerte against Pollution project