How to submit a project

The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) proactively promotes regional, sub-regional, transnational projects (or national projects in the framework of regional strategies or initiatives) in the sectors falling within its mandate, namely transport, renewable energy, water, environmental protection, higher education and mobility, research, social affairs, women empowerment, employment promotion, and business development. While size and scope of the projects may vary – including both “soft” as well as infrastructure projects-  they all share a strong political and economic relevance for  regional cooperation and integration in the Mediterranean region.

Our goal is to create favourable conditions and enhance partnerships for effective mobilization around flagship initiatives and projects that help the region meet its common challenges towards sustainable and inclusive development for the benefit of the populations of the Mediterranean.

Projects can be submitted by national, regional and local authorities and public institutions, the private sector, international institutions, civil society organizations and consortia of such organisations.

Our Project Processing

The UFMS acts as a catalyst of projects, accompanying the projects promoters throughout the project cycle. With our network of partners (donors and financial institutions, technical experts, government officials and other stakeholders), we assist promoters in all aspects of project development and implementation, from proposal finalization to  financial planning and fund-raising, as well as technical assistance (internal or external), project launching and monitoring. In a nutshell: we help to develop regionally relevant projects to gain political support and recognition for increased impact and replication effects.

Interested in submitting a project proposal?

Projects are processed according to the Project Guidelines of the UfM and assessed according to the UfM Project criteria which can be accessed here.

Project proposals must be duly completed in the Project Proposal Template, signed and returned with the requested annexes to the UfM Secretariat by registered mail, with a copy equally submitted electronically in word format to

Project proposals are treated as confidential. For further information, please refer to our confidentiality policy.

Click here for the most frequently asked questions for the submission of project proposals