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Climate Change and Biodiversity: what Science says, how Media tell

Day: 16/11/2022
Time: 17:30 -
 18:30 (Egypt local time, CET+1)
Place: Mediterranean Pavilion
Organised by: RAI

A debate between journalists and scientists on how to make climate change, loss of biodiversity and all the consequences easily comprehensible and understandable and how to create an impact in social awareness 
Are people really conscious about climate change? Are they changing their habits and life-style in front of that? And how much are the media responsible about that awareness? Can scientific evidence be made comprehensible to everybody  by simple words, facts, daily events in the tv and radio storytelling and reports? 

Event objectives 
Help scientific information becoming understandable to everybody. Compare different public broadcasters in their way to inform correctly about climate change and consequences on environment and human life.