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Climate Resilient Tourism in the Mediterranean through Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus: Shifting the Paradigm

Day: 16/11/2022
Time: 13:45 -
 14:45 (Egypt local time, CET+1)
Place: Mediterranean Pavilion
Organised by: Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise (Malta)/ Counterpart from Egypt with the technical support of Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean.

The session will probe efficiency of natural resources’ use by the tourism sector and, through a Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem (WEFE) Nexus perspective, present solutions for supporting the sector becoming more climate resilient and sustainable.  This will be undertaken through the presentation of cases of best-practice from Malta and Egypt, and analyzing the potential capitalization impact of these solutions in the Mediterranean Region.  The session will therefore look at an applied tourism model which reduces the sector’s natural resources footprint, particularly on the coastal and marine areas, thus improves local resilience to climate change by limiting tourism impact on the surrounding environment and climate-proofing its operations, while increases its competitiveness.