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Management and Valorization of Waste and Waters and Environmental Regeneration: the role played by Italy in the Mediterranean area

Day: 16/11/2022
Time: 11:15 -
 12:15 (Egypt local time, CET+1)
Place: Mediterranean Pavilion - Auditorium

There is the need to intensify and extend in the microregion the circularity in the management of the industrial and municipal biowaste, wastewater and technical waste as well as the use of renewable raw materials and energy sources, by ensuring the local availability of the most suitable necessary technological solutions, aligning local institutions, private and public actors and financing entities as well citizens and consumers. But reducing the impact on the environment is no longer sufficient on its own. It is now necessary to start regenerating it, in order to have the Mediterranean lands and sea and the related ecosystems, once again healthy and resilient, able to guarantee quality products and services, and thus addressed the current and future macroregional needs. In the frame of the session, technological solutions for a more sustainable and carbon neutral management and valorization of (bio)waste and waste-waters and land and sea restoration and regeneration of the Mediterranean microregion will be presented and discussed. Innovation and some pilot and full-scale technologies relevant for the microregion will be presented by representatives from Italian institutions and companies. Then, information, sharing, co-planning and the implementation of dedicated public private partnerships, local and international, will be discussed. Then, Ecomondo2023 will give the best follow-up to the needs indicated, facilitating public-private alliances, operators and institutions in the adoption of regulatory, innovation, financial, training and internationalization priorities associated with the needs of a climate neutral and healthy Mediterranean macro-region.