Swimming the talk: Scaling-up action to tackle climate change in the Mediterranean region – Monaco’s engagement

Day: 10/11/2022
Time: 16:00 -
 18:00 (Egypt local time, CET+1)
Place: Mediterranean Pavilion
Organised by: Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

The Mediterranean region is at the crossroads of all challenges facing the planet today, climate change exacerbating existing fragilities. The Mediterranean Sea, central to the region’s economies, cultural identity and connection across people, is also a formidable regulator of the climate system of the region.

Together with stronger efforts at mitigating emissions, actions to safeguard the Sea and its coasts must be scaled-up, based upon solid science. The event will focus on accelerating the implementation of ocean and coastal-based mitigation and adaptation solutions and enhancing resilience of ecosystems, while improving scientific knowledge. The solid partnership around the engagement of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Monaco institutions and its partners will be emphasized.

An allocution of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco will open the discussions which will take the form of three panels:

Panel 1: What does science tell us?
This first panel is dedicated to highlighting some of the main drivers of change as a result of a changing climate – e.g. acidification, sea level rise, temperature increase, rainfall – shows that the Mediterranean region is warming 20% more than the global average and is more affected by climate change.

Panel 2: Resilience instruments
This session will address the potential for reducing the impacts of climate change through improved conservation and reducing other impacts, collectively and in partnerships. Emphasizing collaboration and networks, governance and institutional arrangements.

Panel 3: A sea of solutions
Discussions will highlight the multiple solutions involving land-sea interactions and the need for integrated approaches to enhance adaptation to climate change impacts.

HE Nasser Kamel, Secretary General, Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean will deliver a closing speech.

A cocktail and networking session will conclude the event.

Event by invitation only – Contact :