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The Changing Climate on the Mediterranean Basin

Day: 14/11/2022
Time: 18:45 -
 19:45 (Egypt local time, CET+1)
Place: Mediterranean Pavilion
Organised by: Chapman University, British University in Egypt & Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA)

Climate change poses significant interlocking challenges for coastal cities and ports. Especially, coastal ecosystems are predicted to be the most vulnerable to extreme changes. Coastal cities will need to contend with rising temperature, sea level rise (SLR), increasing storm intensity, warming waters, changes in precipitation, threats to water quality, and shifts in coastal marine ecosystems. Background Owed to the rapidly occurring global change, the Mediterranean region, the home of more than 510 million people, is noticing a 20% faster warming than the global average as evidenced by the rapidly increasing positive sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies. Alexandria, one of the most affected coastal cities worldwide along with the coastal zone of Egypt, is facing heightened disaster risks. This session discusses methodologies falling along the promotion, exploitation and adoption of geo information and innovative intelligent technologies in the areas of computational and data sciences, and remote sensing to address key environmental and societal challenges facing citizens, governments and decision makers. Event objectives How decision support systems and data portal are needed to address coastal areas such as the city of Alexandria, facing the risk of sea level rise as well as the expected development of tropical like aggressive events that can bring massive amount of unexpected rain and local SLR over a brief period. How these systems can deliver location-based content and capabilities that help improve workflows to make effective science-driven decisions.