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Call for proposals of events at the Mediterranean Pavilion

Submit your event

We are pleased to announce this year, for the first time in COP’s history, the 27th edition will host a Mediterranean Pavilion. The Pavilion is meant to serve the region and will operate as a hub to showcase activities undertaken by regional public institutions, civil society organizations and private sector entities catalyzing a sustainable transition through collective and scalable innovation. In this regard, we are extending an invitation to all organizations active in the region interested to host activities and side events in the Pavilion.

Please kindly submit your event proposals, one form per event. Depending on the slots available, we may need to limit the number of events per organization in order to encourage a diverse range of participation. Accordingly, we encourage members to submit joint proposals whenever feasible to enable as many stakeholders as possible to host and co-host events in our Pavilion. Please note we will prioritize in-person or hybrid events. Also note that the Mediterranean Pavilion cannot accredit any of the speakers for your event. Hence, we strongly encourage you to proceed with accreditation by alternative means.


The applications will be open from 12 to 23 September 2022. The Mediterranean Pavilion coordination will inform applicants whether their application is accepted, and if so, the scheduled date and time for the event, by 30 September 2022.

We look forward to having your side event at COP 27 Mediterranean Pavilion. We remain at your disposal if you have any doubts.

Should you have any questions, kindly direct them to medpavilion@ufmsecretariat.org

Mediterranean Pavilion Logo

Download the Mediterranean Pavilion logo and visual identity