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The potential of wastewater reuse and use of non-conventional water resources: follow our second event at COP27

“Untapping the potential of wastewater reuse and use of non-conventional water resources to address the water challenge in the Mediterranean region”: Follow our second event at United Nations’ Climate Change Conference ‘COP27’ on Friday 11/11 starting at 16.15 Egypt time, 15.15 CET. Join us physically at the Mediterranean Pavilion or online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzuWtufm234

Against more frequent and severe water scarcity and drought events due to climate change and increasing population, the reuse of treated wastewater can provide significant benefits such as reducing water abstraction, mitigating risks of hazardous effluent discharge and offering alternative water resources. However, the potential reuse of treated wastewater and non-conventional water resources for agricultural and domestic uses remains largely untapped in the Mediterranean region. The event will look at successful wastewater reuse experiences implemented under selected water-oriented ENI CBC MED projects and discuss ways to further boost the use of non-conventional water resources


According to the Union for the Mediterranean, more than 180 million people are affected by water poverty and an additional 60 million face water stress to some degree in the Mediterranean region. Effect of climate change, increasing population and improving lifestyle in the region will eventually lead to a dangerous pattern combining a water demand projected to double or even triple by 2050, up to 30% decrease in precipitation, and an estimated 30-50% decline in freshwater resources. If we want to meet future water demands, reuse of treated wastewater and use of non-conventional water resources can offer alternative water supplies to cope with climatic and anthropogenic changes.


  • Mr. Almotaz Abadi, Deputy Secretary General for Water, Environment and Blue Economy, Union for the Mediterranean
  • Ms. Roula Khadra, Scientific Administrator and Water Resources Management Expert – International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) / Bari Institute
  • Ms. Barbara Sarnari, Project manager, SVI.MED. – Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development
  • Mr. Manuel Sapiano, Chief Executive Officer, Energy and Water Agency of Malta


  • Mr. Martin Heibel, Communication manager, Managing Authority of ENI CBC MED/Interreg NEXT MED Programme

Martin Heibel
Communication manager
ENI CBC Med Programme
0039 070 606 2482