Energy & Climate Action

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) members face today common energy and climate challenges that require a high level of joint multilateral responses and collective actions.  A reinforced and active cooperation in the energy and climate action fields is needed and represents an opportunity for both shores of the Mediterranean to achieve the ultimate goal of fostering the integration and the social and economic development of the region in accordance to sustainability criteria.

The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean acts as a unique platform to facilitate and promote regional dialogue and cooperation as well as concrete projects and initiatives in the fields of Energy and Climate Action in order to deal with energy vulnerabilities and climate change threats in the region while advancing towards more secure and sustainable energy models. Energy and Climate are two interlinked areas that are placed at the top of the international political agenda. Energy is fundamental to address climate change, according to the International Energy Agency World Energy Outlook 2015 “energy production and use account for around two-thirds of global greenhouse-gas emissions”.

The Secretariat of the UfM develops its activities in consistency with global and international initiatives and actions. The Secretariat is therefore present and active in regional and international fora where energy and climate related topics are discussed.

In order to fulfill the above mentioned objectives, the Secretariat works together with UfM Members and relevant stakeholders in two main frameworks: The UfM Energy Platforms and the UfM Climate Change Expert Group


  • Reinforcing structured regional dialogue on energy and climate change between member states, regional organisations, financial institutions, industry and experts;
  • Supporting project promotion from identification of priorities until implementation with appropriate resources;
  • Promote projects and their replicability in the region.

Policy framework

Projects & Initiatives

The SEMed Private Renewable Energy Framework “SPREF” aims to break down barriers preventing the development of private renewable energy markets in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan. The framework pro...
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