Social & Civil Affairs

Following the recent changes in the Southern Mediterranean, the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean is determined to understand and respond to the region’s population needs with clear and feasible projects to promote human, social and economic development. The bottom up and multi-stakeholder approach supports confidence building measures between governments, parliaments, local and regional authorities, private sector and grassroots organisations. A strong emphasis is placed on youth employability by bridging the gap between the education offer and the labour demand. Particular attention is given to providing the region’s women with a stronger role in society, paving the way for women empowerment and gender equality.

In the field of civil protection, an enhanced cooperation is promoted in an effort to improve global governance between the state, local and civil society stakeholders, as well as to improve capacity building and coordinated responses on a regional level to crisis and disasters.


  • Advance the regional agenda on gender equality and develop a Euro-Mediterranean women’s empowerment initiative;
  • Enhance women’s access to the labour market and entrepreneurial networks;
  • Mainstream a gender approach in UfM projects and initiatives.

Policy Framework



Projects & Initiatives

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