Transport & Urban Development

The Mediterranean is a sea that brings people together. It is a highway for commerce and exchanges. Easy and safe access to flows of goods and people over land and sea, is essential for improving relations, enhancing regional trade and consequently, for the prosperity and development of the region.

Within this context, the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean works towards the construction of motorways, the modernisation of railway systems and the development of logistic platforms and motorways of the sea in the region. Particular attention is devoted to cooperation in the areas of maritime transport and urban development. The UfM Secretariat has coordinated the elaboration of the “UfM Euro-Mediterranean Sustainable Urban Development Strategy” and actively works on the identification, labelling and promotion of specific urban pilot projects.


Policy framework

Projects & Initiatives

To ensure more efficient, sustainable and profitable trade relations between the north-western and south-eastern shores of the Mediterranean basin, the Mediterranean maritime transport and logistics s...
©Sfax Taparura Project Sfax Taparura was one of the 12 urban development projects selected during the Project Identification Phase of the Urban Projec...


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