Water & Environment

The Mediterranean faces environmental threats to its biodiversity, natural resources, habitable areas and health with many regions on the northern and southern shores being confronted with water scarcity and droughts, or victim to floods and fires.

The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean aims at countering these threats by developing major impact projects and focusing on the main regional priorities, namely the protection of the marine environment; the H2020 initiative to depollute the Mediterranean, with the objective to tackle 80% of pollution loading by 2020; as well as the UfM Water agenda, designed around the four pillars of water governance, water and climate change adaptation, water demand management and water financing.


  • Promote access to water resources and water management
  • Protect the Mediterranean Sea, its environment, and overall sustainable development
  • Contribute to de-pollution and pollution prevention efforts in the region

Policy Framework

Projects & Initiatives

Marine litter has become a major pollution problem affecting all of the world seas. Increased levels of marine litter originate largely from land based activities (~80%). This includes, in particular,...

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Most countries in the MENA region are chronically water stressed, a situation exacerbated by the impacts of population growth and climate change. This...